I localise

You may ask yourself what this service includes… Localisation means adapting texts and contexts to a certain language and cultural area. Knowing the country and its linguistic and cultural characteristics very well, I am an expert for German in Austria. Therefore, I support international agencies in dealing with large translation projects when texts need to be adapted to various markets in the German-speaking world.

Tradukisto Lokalisieren
Tradukisto localise culture

I localise your:

  • patient information leaflets
  • product information
  • questionnaires
  • training material for medical staff
  • websites

Texts are always adapted to the respective linguistic, cultural as well as legal prerequisites!

German has many different facets! There are various differences in the use of language between Germany, Austria and Switzerland: individual words, idioms, collocations, metaphors, pictures, URLs and geographical references need to be adapted for every single market – this is the only way to guarantee that people in the individual countries feel addressed and that legal requirements are being met.

Please provide the following information to receive a non-binding quote:

  • the entire document (original text in English as necessary)
  • purpose
  • target group & country
  • delivery date

I am looking forward to receiving your request.